A mission statement and one request.

This Blog is dedicated to telling the truth no matter how unpopular or politically incorrect it may be.

To not only serve the the American people but people of the World in general.

To defeat a plan to get all nations (especially the Middle East) into a conflagration.

That can only best be described as World War III.

As mentioned in the header to this Blog. I sincerely believe it is due to unreasonable power and influence of Jewish interests here and abroad that is leading us down this tragic road.

I do not say these things lightly or wish that those who observe this Blog take it only at it’s face value.

I much rather have you check out the Links I provide and do your own research. So you can correct me if and when I am wrong.

Because there is no ego here and I by no stretch of my imagination consider myself a expert in this field. I’m learning it as I go along to.

So with that said. I want to also say that this sight is dedicated to non violence. So please consider this if you want to leave a rational comment or rebuttal to what I say. No physical threats are to made to any one commenting on this Blog and only anger being expressed toward those mentioned on the Blog site story itself will only be tolerated. In a figurative sense only and not the literal sense. A example of a comment that is allowed “THAT CONGRESSMAN MR. BLANK SHOULD BE HUNG FOR WHAT HE IS DOING TO THIS COUNTRY!” As opposed to “THAT CONGRESSMAN MR. BLANK NEEDS TO BE HUNG AND I KNOW WHERE HE HAS LUNCH AT AND THE TIME HE HAS IT! ANY VOLUNTEERS TO LYNCH THIS SCUM BAG!?” Those kind of comments will not be tolerated! It is one thing to speak out against a system and its leaders that seek to oppress and control this nation through despotic means and quite another to promote a wanton act of vigilantism! Taking on the roll of Judge,Jury and executioner! Please remember this in responding in the comment line.

I know the subject matter can be explosive and tensions can run high.

But to rush into anger and madness instead of reason and logic is something the enemy feasts on. Which could be used to not only discredit me and you. But this verging movement as a whole!

Don’t give the enemy the ammo they need to shoot us with. It’s ok to release anger but keep it civil.

Because in the end. Reason or Madness will be our Choice!


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